Laboratory Machining

If there is something more than important for people, that is their health, or at least, guarantee that well-being that allows us all to live a pleasant existence. When we think about the laboratory sector, we all come to mind images of a neat and clean, mostly white, color with people working with masks and appropriate clothing, manipulating very different aparatología and, at first glance, Complex.

Reality, at least in this last term, does not differ much from the imagination. The complexity of the machinery used for this purpose is truly tricky. And not only because the people who work in it, are professionals highly qualified and trained to understand this complexity, but also, by the complication of the same instruments of work.

There are times when we do not think properly about the number of elements, usually almost tiny, that are part of these technological devices of last generation and that require exquisite precision, because what is at stake are not precisely elements of low valuation, on the contrary , It is our health and, after all, our life, what we put at the service of these.

Therefore, as mechanics of precision in the field of electromedicine, in Mechanics Curiel we have specialized in the work of parts and instruments for laboratories, mechanized of any type, with this end use and that can become part of As complex as machinery for making biopsies, so important for detecting diseases that are dangerous and harmful to health.

It is a duty for us, therefore, to take into account this vital characteristic, and to perform the best of the works in the treatment of the precision machining that will be part of these instruments and apparatuses.

The concrete impact of the elements that can form the entire medical instrument is indisputable, and that is why each and every one of the professionals of our machining company destines their efforts in performing this work for laboratories.

Mecánica Curiel, is a mechanized company with more than forty years of experience in the profession and providing machining services and precision assemblies. Since 1972, we have dedicated ourselves to this work and to the careful dedication of precision machining for laboratories, as well as the elaboration of all kinds of instruments for viscometry and electromedicine, small machinery in general, special valves, tools, prototypes and Precision machining.

In Curiel Mechanics, we consider the responsibility to perform this decent work so that in the use of our products and services, the possible effects that they can generate in the course of their life expectancy on the people who use them, and their Impact on the environment; Does not exist. Seriousness, commitment and professionalism, are some of the values ​​that, mainly, we defend all the members of our company of machining, and especially, in a work as determinant as they are the machined of precision of laboratory, to accomplish to fulfill our task in This sector of machining.

In a field like this, logically, each and every one of our products are always subject to rigorous quality control, using the latest techniques and guarantee procedures, with the constant improvement of equipment, facilities and staff training , As required by the market update of machining for laboratories.

Between this task in the manufacture of apparatus and exclusive parts for laboratory instruments, it is of vital importance for the subsequent development of other indisputable services in society, that nothing is taken for granted. That is where the human value of the company comes into play and its responsibility for each and every one of the customers who decide to trust in the activity we carry out.

We offer our customers the best opportunities, both at product and service level; With the confidence and security of a group of people, highly professional, who know the work of precision machining and pour in every piece that perform the best dedication, putting in it that which by vocation most love: the art of mechanized .

In machining for laboratory, a complete machining service is essential and adapted to any of the needs required by our customers. In addition, the importance and the dimensions in which this area influences, in society, make it more than ever, we do everything on our part to satisfy, not only the client, but also all those thousands of people who will have a Work done poorly. Therefore, we put all our impetus in achieving perfect finishes and guarantee to the customer the quality of the product that we realize.

From the beginning, in Mecánica Curiel, the experience and good work have consolidated us as a pioneering machining company in the sector and, specifically, in the field of machining for laboratories; Which gives its clients the confidence and professionalism of its workers and products, carrying out the development process, through the specialization of the activities and with the strength and passion that we put in each of our works.

Quality and reliability take care of our products and services, elaborated with CNC machinery of last generation. If you are interested in learning more about our company and our work in precision machining and laboratory, you can put in contact with any of the members of Mecánica Curiel. Without any kind of commitment, we will advise you and offer you the necessary advice to guarantee you a service in precision machining of quality.