Machinery Park

Curiel Mechanics, as a reference in the sector of mechanized and the precision assemblies in the province of Barcelona, we respond to the needs and demands of the market to produce products and services of the best quality. For the manufacture of various tools such as physical instruments, laboratory, mechanical for viscometry, mechanical for electromedicine, small machinery in general, valve special, tools, prototypes and precision machiningthrough the use of top-notch materials; We have the best specialized production processes, at the hands of a demanding staff, through the latest and most up-to-date technical means and infrastructure required by the current situation of the market for these. mechanized precision, with machinery CNC appropriate to the realization of said instruments. The final result will be important for the satisfaction of our clients, and to ensure this well-being it is very important that the process is done with all the attention it requires and with the latest and most innovative machines. At our facilities in Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona), there is a park machinery that responds to these needs with conventional machines, but also with the latest generation. Our products and services are worked with seriousness, professionalism and commitment, and for all this, a series of quality control measures are carried out to corroborate their guarantees. The techniques and tools for its creation respond to the current trend in the world of mechanized, but giving the guarantees of that work is a greater example of our involvement with the task we carry out and with our clients. Because once again, good service will respond to good customer satisfaction at the end of the transaction. We encourage our clients to consult us and ask for advice without any commitment about our products and services, and about any questions they may have about our company.


Mazak VTC-200 vertical machining center


CNC lathe spindle+subspindle+motorized tool+bar feeder. CMZ TL20MS


CNC lathe spindle+tailstock+motorized tool. CMZ TL20M


Mazak VCN-510 vertical machining center

Nueva maquina mecanicacuriel.

Mazak VCS 430 AL vertical machining center


CNC lathe spindle+subspindle+motorized tool+Y axis+bar feeder. CMZ TA

avanzabarras 3 metros lns

3 meter bar advancer from the LNS brand

avanzabarras 1,5metros lns

1.5 meter bar feeder from the LNS brand

taller cnc

Mazak model Variaxis J-500/5X (5-axis continuous machining)

mecanizados de precisión

Mazak model Variaxis J-500/5X (5-axis continuous machining)