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Mecánica Curiel is a company born in 1972 that offers its clients the manufacture and construction of mechanized and precision assemblies.

This extensive background in the sector of mechanized several, has allowed us to be one of the references in the field throughout the province of Barcelona, in the construction of all types of physical instruments, laboratory, mechanical for viscosimetry, mechanical for electromedicine, small machinery in general, valves special, tools, prototypes and precision machining, through the use of top-notch materials.
Since our beginnings in the world of mechanized, we have carried out a specialized development process in the activities related to the field that we supply, with a work group made up of innovative professionals in the field, with extensive practice and experience, capacity for adaptation, and enormous dedication and commitment; specializing and resorting to constant updating of production processes in response to the needs and demands of the market.
At Mecánica Curiel, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal to achieve. Furthermore, thanks to the team of professionals and the means at our disposal, we guarantee all our clients a complete machining service adapted to their needs.
Our products and services are worked with seriousness, professionalism and the commitment that the final result will be to the liking of both parties, with the total security that this final product meets the demands of any quality product worth its salt. We are specialists in CNC machining.

Mecanica Curiel S.L
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