Machining company

The treatment of precision machining is a fundamental pillar in the elaboration of any element that crosses us by the mind. Although it may seem a lie, there are few material things in the world that have not gone through one of these workshops or have been dealt with by one of its procedures. In the frenetic pace of life of the world today, there are many things that are beyond our knowledge, because it is impossible to cover them all or, simply, for lack of interest, we leave them to professionals. A sector very little known by many people is precision machining and assembly, although, as we said, all people, unconsciously, make use of some of these elements, mechanized precision, without even realizing it .

The work of precision machining, must meet the highest quality requirements, because its incidence in so many fields, we can not afford to miss the elaboration of these elements. For example, have you thought that would happen if we treat, as we do, the valves of outstanding boats and they will fail? Or, what gives no more rage, than go in haste and, like women, want to get ready before leaving home, but find that the lipstick bar, its mechanism, that drives the movement of the bar up and down , It does not work properly? As simple as this simple step and as complicated as others that have great repercussions in some of the most delicate sectors of society.

It is the importance of which we spoke and that all the people who carry out this work in the mechanized companies. In Mechanics Curiel, we want to transmit these values ​​and give you know a precision machining and assembly company with a long experience in the world of the manufacture of elements of this nature and since 1972, With well-deserved work.

The machining companies, we play a decisive role in this society, that is why in Mechanics Curiel, after these more than forty years, we have defended the tradition of working always guaranteeing all our customers that the product they will acquire will be the best, treated With the right processes and with the latest machinery, to ensure compliance and for the meritorious final result, whatever the final step.

In recent years, in Mecánica Curiel, we have incorporated in our services the latest technological innovations to carry out a greater diversity of work, offering the highest level of quality and the best service, marked and endorsed by the long way that the members have traveled Of this machining company.

With a vast experience, after more than four decades being a reference in products and services mechanized in the province of Barcelona, ​​in the familiar mechanized company, Mecánica Curiel, we have specialized in offering to all our clients that unique and characteristic touch of each Element that we treat and that only we know give to the product. Treated with all the attention they deserve, using first quality materials, in a facility that has a complex machinery park composed of the latest CNC machines (numerical control), the application of these, along with conventional machinery that allows a touch Personalized, has brought this distinctive feature to the completion of the product and the possibility of giving a better response to the demands of our customers and the products of the sector.

Formed by a small team of professionals, very committed and involved with each and every one of the processes that we perform, in Mechanics Curiel we enjoy an extensive experience in the field of precision machining. A young and dynamic group, whose excellence is the north and achieve in a continuous way the satisfaction of each and every one of our customers, offering the best prices in the best conditions of quality in all our projects of precision machining.

The company has established itself in a prominent place among its competitors for the production of top quality products, always responding to a quality control, in addition to the importance we give to mere advice, to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. The main objective is to offer all people who trust us the possibility of receiving the attention they deserve and the appropriate advice that are most effective to guarantee the final result of the machining.

From the beginning we have carried out a process of technical and professional development based on the specialization of multiple activities based on the elaboration of elements of this caliber for all kinds of purposes: laboratory, mechanical for viscosimetry and electromedicine, small machinery in general, valves Special tools, prototypes and precision machining.

We offer our clients the seriousness, professionalism and commitment that the project deserves from the hands of a demanding staff through the latest and most up-to-date technical means and infrastructures required by the current market situation of mechanized companies.

If you want to have more information about this company, do not hesitate and get in touch with the members of our staff. Without any compromise, we will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you in everything that is in our hands to guarantee quality machining precision.