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Five actions we carry out to operate with a milling machine in our CNC company

Today we want to give you five tips for using a CNC milling machine, since in the industrial sector it is very common to use this type of machinery, especially in metal machining. In our CNC company we use many types of machinery to carry out precision machining, including the milling machine, which is why today we want to explain these five recommendations: Almost all

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What actions do we carry out in our machining factory to take care of the environment?

In our machining factory we are committed to taking care of the environment and, therefore, we have applied different measures and protocols to effectively minimize the environmental impact of each of the processes we carry out daily. Sustainability is one of the priorities of our machining factory and we have managed to position ourselves as a leading company in this

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Machining factory: what you still don't know

Machining factories are basic in society, but very few know their operation in detail. Not many people know the complicated work that is carried out in a machining factory. A machining factory is responsible for the manufacturing and construction of different types of machining for its clients, according to the needs of each company. Besides,

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What is the origin of machining processes?

In our machining workshop we work with very precise machinery of the highest quality and latest generation, but we know that this sector was not born with all the features and functionalities that we know today, but rather has evolved to perfect the techniques, until reaching to the precision machining that we know today. How and when

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What is a CNC workshop like?

A CNC workshop follows high levels of demand to obtain exact, unique and safe parts and, in addition, must have specific facilities, since they have large machinery that requires many square meters to be installed safely. In the CNC workshop, different elaborations are carried out, but mainly the

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What is the bending and curving process?

In our machining factory, many different processes are carried out, such as sheet metal bending and curving, to treat a sheet metal piece with generatrices and straight edges, exerting an intense force to cause permanent deformation of the sheet metal, depending on the curvature. that you want to give. For this type of processes, in our workshop

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Nowadays, in Barcelona and in Catalonia in general, people go completely blank when talking to them about mechanized, and the fact is that the majority of the Catalan population feels indifference and ignorance towards this sector, that is, the majority of people do not Do you know what it means or what functions are performed in this type of sector. Therefore, in

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What is precision machining?

It is a manufacturing process that is based on a set of part-shaping operations through the removal of material, either by chip removal or abrasion. Precision machining is systems carried out by machinery specifically prepared for it, with which perfect work pieces are created, that is, unique products.

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What does grinding machined parts consist of?

The grinding machine is a very important piece in a machining workshop, because it is used to fix and rectify pieces both in large dimensions and in surface finishes and can carry out functions such as polishing or lapping. Five types of grinding machines As a machining workshop we are going to talk to you about grinding machines, an essential element to correct and finish

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The best machining workshop in Barcelona

As many of you already know, Curiel mechanics, we are a company located in Barcelona in which we are dedicated to carrying out different types of machining. On our blog you can find many very diverse articles in which we give you advice and explain some of the services we offer, but today we bring you a slightly different article, since

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