Machining company: Types of machining

machining company: Types mechanized


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In a machining company, the mechanized, is the process of manufacturing parts by removing material. This is the task we undertake in Curiel Mechanics. In our machining and precision machining in the province of Barcelona, we dedicate our work to manufacturing and building top-level quality products for our clients for very different purposes and fields of society. Useful resources to be able to go on vacation, taking that dream cruise through the Mediterranean aboard an imposing ship, or knowing the results of the last blood test we had. Such simple facts that we do not even give importance to, have part of their origin in the machining company that manufacture the valve nautical equipment that constitutes part of the technical interior of any ship, or medical laboratory devices to carry out precise analysis tasks.

In our modus operandi business, in addition to the construction of all these elements, the philosophy of advice and technical help is also integrated to provide support to the doubts and problems that may arise from our audience. For this reason, and as a form of communication, we want to talk today in our Blog, about what types of processes of mechanized there is and give you some characteristics about them. An instructive base, with useful information so that you can learn a little more about the world of mechanized and of precision assembly, which requires these techniques for its work effectiveness.

In a machining companyThere are, as in many other areas, different methods to achieve this. By using the appropriate, more conventional machinery or the latest and greatest tools mechanized CNC, incredible “wonders” can be done. All of them, following three execution systems:

  1. Machining without chip removal

All metal parts, except cast ones, are subjected at some point during their manufacturing to, at a minimum, a metal forming operation (manufacturing processes in which deformation is used to change the shape of metal parts).

  1. Machining with chip removal

As the name itself indicates, in the mechanized With chip removal, the material is torn off or cut with the tool, giving rise to these useless residues. In this operational methodology, processes of roughing, the first step to quickly remove a large amount of material, but with little precision; and of finish, definitive step for the elimination of the rest of the material with great precision to finish the manufacturing of the piece.

In this type of mechanized most large-scale productions are found. For some time now, computing applied to industrial automation has meant that the simplest and most manual processes have evolved towards industrial machinery. CNC machining (Computer Numerical Control). Thus, we are talking about highly versatile and highly productive machines, which allow us to obtain complex finished elements with millimeter precision.

  1. Machining by abrasion

The method of mechanized Abrasion is based on the removal of material by wearing down the piece. In this way, particles of material are released, most of the time, incandescent. This process is carried out by the tool par excellence of this type of mechanized: the grinding wheel. A way to remove material by “scratching” the surface of the piece. In favor of this technique, we could say that it requires less force to remove the material and its precision and surface finish are guaranteed, but on the contrary, the estimated production time to be efficient is long.

All methods are useful depending on the function they have to perform. Each machining companyDepending on your mission, you must determine what is, or will be, the methodologies to be used in the manufacturing of your parts.

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