At Mecánica Curiel, your machining company in Catalonia, we want to talk about the cutting of the tools used to machine the parts, because we always talk about the parts and we think it is convenient and important to know what happens to the machine tools that the Mechanized in Catalonia we use to obtain the best results.

Mechanisms of wear

When we talk about tool wear, we mean the loss of material by friction that modifies the geometry of the tool until it becomes unusable. A good use of the machine and some technical considerations, can extend the useful life of the tool considerably. The use of refrigerants such as coolant is essential if we want to keep our machine as new, since the increase in temperature that occurs in the machining can damage the tool.

The mechanisms of wear in the processes that are carried out in the machining companies in Catalonia, are three: adhesion, abrasion and diffusion. The first is due to microsolding, the atoms of the surface of the tool are dragged by the chip that is formed. The second mechanism is provided when the workpiece contains very hard particles that scratch the surface of the tool. And finally, diffusion has to do with temperature.

Wear on the tool

The wear that occurs in the tools of the mechanized companies in Catalonia, are of two types. In the first case, a crater is formed on the detachment face of the tool, usually at the point where the highest cutting temperature is reached. The second type of wear occurs on the impact face in the form of crushing of the tool tip, due to the friction with the workpiece. In both cases, there are different factors that facilitate the formation of a type of wear or other, the cutting speed, the hardness of the material and its characteristics, the maximum temperature reached in the cut and the quality of the tool. There is a wide variety of machine tools on the market with different qualities and prices. At Mecánica Curiel, your machining company in Catalonia, we use the most advanced technology to obtain the best results, since a low quality tool will result in equally poor quality machining parts.

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