Welcome one more day to your company of machining in Barcelona, in the new entry today we will talk about the sealing, explain what is used and the process of sewing.

Our company of mechanized of Barcelona knows that the sealing is the process of mass production of pieces of revolution, they can be used in infinite of different sectors like they can be screws, axes, etc. In our company of machining of Barcelona it is used through the machining of pieces by means of cutting tools with boot of shaves to obtain the final pieces.

Our machining company in Barcelona always knows the latest technologies, so we know that although the use of automatic turning lathes was indispensable at the beginning, the current technology allows us to have different techniques for the machining of parts in The machining workshops, although it is still mechanization through the main cutting edge.

Decking process

Our machining company in Barcelona is very well aware of the sealing, and for the realization of series pieces through the sealing machine, automatic milling machines and lathes of different types are used to pull the chips from the material using cutting tools.

In this process known to our company of machining of Barcelona we can observe the movable head lathes, where the head is the one that realizes the axial displacement and has a guided cannon, the lathes of fine head, where the tools are those that make the displacement And the multipurpose lathes that mechanize several pieces at the same time, thus reducing the machining time.

On the other hand, in our company of machining of Barcelona we know that the cutting or separation of the pieces of the bar of metal or plastic exists through a reaper, this is the operation that defines the bar turning. In our machining company of Barcelona we know that the process begins with the elimination of much of the material of little precise form and is finished through a much more final process to obtain the finish.

In our company of machining of Barcelona we know that the greatest advantage of the bar turning is the time used for the manufacture of the pieces.

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