Welcome one more day to the blog of Mecánica Curiel, your mechanized company in Barcelona. In today's entry we are going to talk about the turning process.

Turning is a process of machining by chip start, that is, part of the initial material of the piece is removed to give it the final shape that the customer asks for the piece. The machine that is used for this process is the lathe.

The CNC lathe is a lathe type machine tool used to machine parts of the revolution using computer software using alpha-numeric data, following Cartesian axes X, Y, Z.

Turning process

  • Loading/unloading. Place the workpiece on the lathe. The duration of this stage will always depend on the weight and size of the workpiece.
  • Cut the material to give the desired shape to the piece.
  • Replacement of tools. The tools reach a point that exceeds their useful life, therefore, in a process of cnc machining of turning the tools to be used to be able to mechanize the piece are changed.

Advantages CNC turning

  • Good surface finish.
  • Reduction of machining times.
  • It requires less energy than other machining processes.
  • The chip control is simple.
  • The risk of error in the mechanization is reduced.
  • Costs are decreased.
  • Safety during machining.

The lathe is controlled by numerical control, ie it is a cnc machining. With cnc machining you can program the movements and the changes of tools, thanks to this, the parts that are machined are made with a great precision and the work of mechanization of a piece is quickened as there is no idle times of the operator that was in charge Of the machining process.

In our machining company, Curiel Mechanics Barcelona, we have CNC lathes for the realization of parts that require precision machining. We guarantee to our clients the confidence and the safety of a professional team that masters the precision machining with CNC machinery suitable for the fulfillment of any piece that the client asks us.

We are a machining company of Barcelona of more than 40 years with the latest developments in technology and CNC machinery, we want our customers to be satisfied with their product, that is why we continue to work to maintain the principles of seriousness, commitment and professionalism that we defend To achieve our task in the field of precision machining and assembly.

If you want to contact us for any type of machining, you will receive a treatment and a personalized service with complete advice from the hand of our team of professionals.

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