Do CNC Machining and 3D printing complement or exclude each other?

Currently, some manufacturers face complex design challenges, and it is clear that both technologies are valid to solve them, but are they really allies or enemies?

Two technologies with great presence in many sectors

The CNC machining and 3D printing are the order of the day, and without a doubt they are methods used with infinite options. But they have a big difference.

Basically, the CNC machining They create objects by cutting out material, while 3D printing creates them by building layers in three dimensions. For example, the CNC machining They would be like carving marble to make a sculpture, and 3D printing would create a clay-based sculpture from scratch. So they are opposite actions.

Despite that, and although there are some products that only support CNC machining or 3D printing, there are others that require both methods to obtain the best results.

Combine the advantages of each method

As we have already said, both processes are valid and sometimes the best option is a combination, taking advantage of the different advantages they offer us.

For example, 3D printing is especially valuable for very specialized, personalized and small designs, since it allows you to start from scratch and add layers and changes, thus allowing you to obtain an infinite number of results, limited to the capacity of the printer. That is why its main use is in medical and dental applications.

However, it has a great weakness. And it can be uneconomical for large scale. And this is where the CNC machining They have the advantage.

The CNC machining They can produce considerable quantities of precisely manufactured products, a wide variety of materials, and efficiently. So the CNC machining They are mainly used for metal parts of commercial and industrial equipment and machinery. That is why sometimes, combining the strengths of 3D printing and those of CNC machining allows you to overcome real design challenges.

It is clear that the choice of method should depend on factors such as production volume and product size. But when it is not so clear, it means that the best option is to combine 3D printing and CNC machining in the same product to achieve great results.

Without a doubt, both technologies are in full development and improvement to meet the increasingly demanding demands of the market, so the combination of the CNC machining This method can offer great advantages, although there is still a long way to go.


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