Safety in a machining workshop

Welcome one more day to the blog of our company mechanized, in this new post we will talk about the importance of security in a Machining workshop. As a parts machining company in Barcelona we want to make a post about the risks that arise from this profession with such specific and specialized tasks.

Importance of having security in a Machining workshop

The workers of a machining company, like ours, are exposed to many risks. For this same reason, in machining work, tools and materials must always be used with proper safety measures to avoid incidents.

At Mecánica Curiel we know that all risks are not equal. In fact, there are several types of risks that we can classify into several types: manual and mechanical manipulation of objects; when operating tools and machines; in electric welding, oxygas and oxycutting; due to fire and explosion risks and electrical risk. To avoid all these risks in a Machining workshop, we take preventive measures.

Basic safety rules in a Machining workshop

In a machining workshop Metals and composite materials are cut and shaped into finished products using hand tools and machines such as saws, lathes, drills, and grinders. So, the injuries that most frequently occur in machining workshops are particles of material in the eyes, cuts, and injuries due to getting stuck and crushed by machines. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right team of personnel for the Machining workshop. Some of the safety regulations are:

Always wear protective glasses, non-slip shoes with metal toe caps, and ear plugs.

Select gloves depending on the type of work. But do not use it when operating machinery, it may catch the glove, following your arm or hand.

Use the machines according to the manufacturer's recommendations. It is not okay to force materials into the machine or pull them faster than the machine can process them.

Have good lighting in the workshop.

Have good housekeeping and cleaning practices at the work site. This will prevent fires and falls from occurring in the workshop. It is important that compressed air is not used when cleaning, because the air can contain chips that can enter the machines and launch them into the air.

Machined materials and machines must be lubricated and cooled. Also, solvents are used to clean the parts after being manufactured.

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