Since we began this journey in the field of Precision CNC machining, in Mecánica Curiel, we have developed a specialized process of technical and professional development, based on work in multiple areas and activities for all kinds of purposes, intended for the needs and requirements in precision machining, at national level.

Thanks to the work carried out by the professionals, technicians and skilled workers of our machining company, Mecánica Curiel, with a vast experience of more than forty years, becoming a benchmark in precision CNC machining in the province of Barcelona and cities throughout Spain. Seville, Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia… In our familiar machining company, we have specialized in offering to all our clients that unique singularity and characteristic of the performance of our work, which has led us to be one of the reference companies in the sector And in cities like Bilbao.

As our clients, from Mecánica Curiel, we want to provide you with a quality service, assured by the values ​​​​that cement the stability and progression of our company: seriousness, professionalism, commitment … Everything, to guarantee every project we develop, with the help of a personnel Demanding and delivered to their work, making use of the latest and most updated technical systems (CNC machining with numerical control), required by the current demands of the field of machining companies.

Commitment, rigor, responsibility, dedication, professionalism … All these are just some of the main values ​​​​we defend the members of our machining company, Mecánica Curiel, to achieve our task in this sector of CNC machining, where it is necessary and trust our work, as in the city of Bilbao, where we have the confidence of multiple companies in the sector.

For any information you would like to receive about this CNC machining company, or about the work we perform in cities throughout the country, such as Bilbao; Do not hesitate to get in touch with the members of Mecánica Curiel. We will try to solve all your unknowns and advise you in everything you need to have your precision CNC machining.