Precision Machining

Mecánica Curiel is a company born in 1972 that offers its clients the elaboration and production of precision machining.

With more than forty years in the provision of these services, our vast experience has allowed us to offer to each and every one of our clients, the most complete services in precision machining and assembling, with the application of the latest technology And CNC machinery, as well as the work of the best materials, by the hand of great professionals who make up our workforce.

Dedicated vocationally to the work we perform, in Cuana Mechanics, we care about satisfying the client and that can only be achieved if we provide these people with the appropriate service, totally personalized, and a complete advice as they deserve. In Curiel Mechanics, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal to achieve. In addition, thanks to the human team of professionals who make up our workforce and the means of work that we have, we guarantee all our clients a service in precision machining meticulous and adapted to their needs.

The extensive background in the precision machining sector has allowed us to become one of the leading machining companies in the sector throughout the province of Barcelona. Particularly in Mechanics Curiel, we have achieved an advantageous position in the elaboration of all kinds of laboratory mechanics, mechanical for viscosimetry, mechanical for electromedicine, small machinery in general, special valving, tools and precision machining of different types.

In order to guarantee our customers the values ​​that define our company of precision machining, we work under the highest demands of quality and reliability that each and every one of the products that the brand and the service must have. That is why all our products are made using the best specialized production processes, the latest and most up-to-date technical means and the infrastructures required by the current situation in the precision machining market. All this, by the hand of a demanding and careful staff, who has always ensured to guarantee the quality of the service and return the confidence placed in this professional team of precision machining.

The treatment of precision machining is a fundamental pillar in the manufacture and manufacture of many of the equipment we use daily, unimaginable as it may seem. There are very few material objects in the world that have not been treated in a machining company, or else the whole product, vital parts for its proper functioning. There are even some that are of vital importance and in which, because of the responsibility that this entails, the professionals of these precision machining, we can not fail to realize them. Therein also come into play, the demanding quality controls that we apply properly to each and every one of the elements and pieces that we perform in Curiel Mechanics. It is, therefore, a sector very little known by the general public, this one of the machining and precision assemblies.

The work of these precision machining, moreover, must reside in responding with guarantees and on the part of the best, as we are not all aware of the unknowns that hide precision machining and the tools that are used for the proper development of this activity .

Since we began in the world of precision machining, more than forty years ago, we have carried out a process of development specialized in the field-related activities we cover and work on.

As the leading leaders in precision machining and assembly in the province of Barcelona, ​​in Mecánica Curiel, we have also specialized in the production of diverse appliances from other materials such as steel construction, stainless steel, Aluminum alloys, brass, bronze and technical plastics.

Our products and services in precision machining always work from the seriousness, the professionalism, the exigency and the commitment to obtain a perfect final result, with the total certainty that that product, or service, responds to the demands of All corresponding quality control. That is why, the Curiel Mechanics work group is made up of committed professionals with a wide knowledge and work experience, and with an enormous capacity of adaptation and delivery to respond to the constant updating of the market and to respond as well To the needs and demands of the latter.

Precision machining is a very important field of action today. Without the work in those processes, even if it seems a lie, nothing would make sense. For this reason, we want to convey to you this feeling of pride in developing such a significant activity, and at the same time, the total tranquility of trusting in a family business and involved in every project that you do, regardless of the size of it, because there is nothing Nobody inferior to.

If you want to have more information about our company of precision machining, do not hesitate to get in touch with any of the members of our staff. Without any compromise, we will be pleased to answer all your questions, questions or suggestions and offer you all the necessary advice that is in our hands, to ensure you obtain a service in precision machining quality.