CNC machining workshop

If you are looking for a workshop of mechanized CNC who has sufficient experience and specialization, at Mecánica Curiel we can help you. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery, our technical team and our top quality materials we assure you the best results in our work. The extensive background in this sector has allowed us to establish ourselves as one of the companies of machining best rated in Barcelona.


In our company we take into account all the characteristics of the piece before starting its manufacture; Dimensions, shape and finish. We manufacture custom precision parts in an automated and millimeter way, to obtain a perfect product and that allows us to completely eliminate the margin of error in its finish. All our products are made using the best specialized production processes, the most up-to-date technical means and the most innovative infrastructures in the sector. All this, at the hands of a demanding, perfectionist and careful staff who always tries to guarantee the quality of the service and return the trust that customers have placed in our company. As workshop of mechanized CNC We have also specialized in the production of various appliances from other materials, such as construction steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, brass, bronze and technical plastics.


Thanks to our workshop of mechanized  CNC You will get unique and unrepeatable pieces, custom-made and completely perfect. Our automation processes achieve millimeter precision with which you will get exactly what you are looking for. We are a workshop of mechanized CNC specialized and with a lot of experience, which is why we have managed to position ourselves as one of the references in this sector at a national level.


Our products and services are manufactured with seriousness, commitment to our clients and professionalism, in addition to being specialized products and services. You will be able to find personalized solutions at competitive prices for your company, obtaining top quality products.


On our website you can learn more about our company, our values, the services we provide and our products. Our services are based on turning, control and testing tools, dispensers, laboratory equipment, special valves, viscometry and different types of machining. If you want to know more about our company and our history or about the products or services we offer, do not hesitate to visit our website and contact us. We are sure to be able to find the perfect piece you are looking for. On our web portal you also have explanatory videos of the work we do and also a blog, in which we talk about the benefits of precision machining, give advice or report on new trends in this sector.

Taller de mecanizados CNC
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CNC machining workshop
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Curiel Mechanics,
C/ Ribera del Congost, 38A Industrial Park sector V,Les Franqueses del Vallès,Barcelona-08520,
Telephone No.935 751 824
If you are looking for a CNC machining workshop that has sufficient experience and specialization, at Mecánica Curiel we can help you.