Various Machining

As the main leaders in the machining and precision assembly sector in the province of Barcelona, ​​Mecánica Curiel, born more than 40 years ago, positions itself as a benchmark in the field of these instruments, producing all kinds of useful physics, Laboratory, mechanical for visimetry and electromedicine, small machinery in general, special valvuleria, tools, prototypes and precision machining.

In addition to the construction of various apparatus from materials such as construction steel, stainless steels, aluminum alloys, brass, bronze and technical plastics; We offer our customers the necessary technical advice.

Among our services, in addition to the specialization in each of the fields that we work, is the one of the manufacture of mechanized devices several useful for multiple sectors applicable to different fields of current execution and of vital importance for the later development in other indisputable services For use in society.

This is the case of elements as different as those seen in the images of some of the works that we performed in Curiel Mechanics.

In order to guarantee our customers the values ​​​​of quality and reliability that they carry each and every one of the products that the brand and the service they perform; We manufacture our products through the best specialized production processes, by a demanding staff through the latest and most updated technical means and infrastructures that demands the current situation of the market of precision tools, guaranteeing our customers the confidence and security of A professional team that dominates the precision machining with CNC machinery suitable for the realization of these instruments.

At Mecanica Curiel we want our customers to be satisfied with their product, that is why we continue to work daily to maintain the principles of seriousness, commitment and professionalism that we defend in order to achieve our task in this sector of precision machining and assembly.