Build a CNC milling machine at home

Build a CNC milling machine at home



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The complexity of the machinery CNC (Computer Numerical Control) that is found in the facilities of any machining company self-respecting, it is unimaginable for those who do not understand it, and even, not far from there, for those who work in the sector. Obviously their studies and daily practices with this type of machines mean that, little by little, they discover their hidden secrets, but it is indisputable that the technique used today by CNC in the world of precision machining, is one of the most modern and advanced on the market.

In this post of Blog of Curiel Mechanics, we want to present you some ideas on how to build your own milling machine. It is a task that requires time and dedication, and of course, investment to purchase the materials you will need to make it, but once you have it, you will enjoy the freedom of being able to work with it for your own projects, even crafts or household chores. .

The milling machine is one of the most present machines in the production of thousands of products and, specifically, mechanized. To molding, engraving, carving and milling  pieces of metal, and other materials, of complex shapes and the size we need. Any company in the sector precision machining, has in its possession one or more of these conventional machines, today fully automated, for greater productivity.

We have been taking a look at all the information available on websites and social networks about manufacturing an instrument of these characteristics from the comfort of our own homes. We have found that, in fact, there are many ideas on the subject and tutorials written on blogs, websites, etc., or through videos on platforms such as Youtube; that explain to us what materials are necessary and appropriate for its production, as well as the steps to follow and some examples of use.

By giving the computerized application with the CNC to our milling machine, we recommend that you take this detail into account. Following the instructions to the letter is vital to obtain a quality result. Building the box of the device in question is relatively easy, but once the more technical and electrical issues come into play, in terms of computerization, and also including the motor that allows the automated operation of the milling machine, we must ensure that we are working with all the previous knowledge of preparation.

The manufacture of any mechanized element requires attention to many details to meet all established specifications, not only thinking about doing it at home, but also from the professional facilities themselves under the careful supervision of specified personnel equipped with the knowledge for its appropriate use. Following the proper safety measures to avoid any type of problem: damage that we may cause to ourselves, or to the elements with which we work (e.g. sawing the table instead of the wood); related to the plans (e.g. correct dimensions), do not lose patience prematurely and, above all, do not get discouraged if the final finish of the workpiece is not perfect; It will be the first victory to obtain great results at the end of the process.

The milling machine is one of the machines that we can get the most out of in our home workshop, beyond its great exploitation in the industrial sector, and specifically, in the precision machining. Here we leave you with the links to different pages where each and every step to follow is explained through text, image and video, as well as the recommendations, to be able to have a milling machine in our home with guarantees and carry out all those jobs that we need. we have always wanted and that we had never imagined doing.

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