Mecanica Curiel: CNC machining in Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Bilbao…

If there is a key factor in the CNC machining that is, your precision. It is thanks to this feature that the CNC machining It enjoys, in production, greater efficiency with, in addition, greater security in the development of the process. If it were not for it, the errors and imperfections that even today, with that degree that almost borders on excellence in the increasingly modernized and updated machinery by numerical computing; The objects and elements that depend on it (and that, in order not to put them all in the same bag, we will say that they are the vast majority), would simply cease to be useful to us.

For workshops and companies specialized in the production of CNC machiningObviously, with the logical evolution of society, the improvement and advancement of technology is more than necessary. Current demands make an urgent call for this imperative need and, therefore, at the fairs and conventions of the sector, we proceed to demonstrate that extra improvement that, year after year, concerns large companies around the world. An example of this is this year's EMO in Milan. Scheduled in the agenda of all those who want to discover more about the progress in everything related to CNC machining, this coming October you will be able to enjoy the most surprising innovations in the industry, such as this particularity that we highlighted a few lines back: the evolution of precision in CNC machining.

In Curiel Mechanics, a reference company in the city of Barcelona In the development of CNC machining of precision of diverse variety, we like to be informed of the latest research and the advances that are produced from it. Therefore, the new proposals and improvements in the control of precision of machine tools CNC, is news of great value that we cannot fail to refer to.

Precisely, it will be at that convention in Italy next October, where all these advances in the precision of the CNC machining, with the live presentation of the most current numerical control, the TNC 640, from the Heidenhain firm, with clear demonstrations of highly precise position measurement, with linear and angular measurement systems in regulation closed loop, for greater efficiency and precision higher. This also includes optimized movement guidance that ensures short movement times. CNC machining, in combination with perfect surface quality and high precision Of the piece.

Thanks to the fact that 3D printing is increasingly gaining followers in the world of CNC machining, these machines, to achieve that greater precision, include a 3D simulation graph that allows a realistic simulation of the program CNC machining, as well as a prior evaluation to detect errors in the program and optimization possibilities, before even starting to mechanize.

The enormous importance of precision in the CNC machining to guarantee faithful, effective and useful 100% parts is vital to our work. The horizon, for the moment, seems to have no end. But that is what also helps us improve and continue dreaming of learning new techniques and specializations.

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