Machining center

Welcome one more day to the blog of our company mechanized CNC of Barcelona, in today's new entry, we want to give you a small introduction so that you know better what a center of machining. Our company mechanized CNC of Barcelona It has the best facilities and machinery CNC, as with the most qualified team in the sector of mechanized CNC of Barcelona.

What does it consist of?

To begin with, we must know that a center of machining born from the evolution of the milling machine tool due to the needs to increase productivity, flexibility and precision at work. At the same time, worker safety has been improved since this evolution has incorporated electronic elements.

mecanizado-cnc-barcelonaTypical center operations machining CNC of Barcelona are those that use rotary cutting tools such as cutters and drill bits. In our company mechanized CNC of Barcelona, we know that this system of machining It stands out for its production speed as an advantage and high costs as a disadvantage.

In our company mechanized CNC of Barcelona We are clear that a center machining It is a machine tool for forming parts by removing material. The essential characteristics of a center machining are the following:

  • It has numerical control, that is, CNC.
  • You can perform other operations machining, in addition to milling.
  • It has an automatic tool changer.

These centers of machining of Barcelona They are the product of the technological evolution that has occurred in the world of mechanization the introduction of computer-assisted numerical control technology, the so-called, mechanized CNC.

There are centers of machining in Barcelona of a wide variety of sizes, types, functions and degrees of automation. Currently, many machines are built in a modular way, in this way, various equipment and peripheral accessories can be installed and modified, thus, it can be adjusted as needed in the product changes to be made with this center. mechanized CNC of Barcelona.

The materials of which these centers of mechanized They must have rigidity, low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, the ability to absorb vibrations and low cost. In order for the centers to comply with these requirements machining CNC They must be made of cast iron, forged steel, polymer concrete, among others.

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