Machining Barcelona: Plasma cutting

Welcome one more day to our blog machining factory in Barcelona, in today's new entry we want to talk to you about plasma cutting that is used to mechanize precision work, which is what we do in our Factory of mechanized in Barcelona. This type of cut is one of the best known when it comes to talking about mechanized in Barcelona, since it allows cutting practically all types of materials, for this reason it is used in almost all machining factories in the world.

Plasma, for those of you who do not yet know it, is an electrical and gaseous conductor that has a high density and a lot of energy, since it is made up of free electrons, positive ions, gas molecules and dissociated atoms. The process by which plasma manages to cut pieces in our machining factory in Barcelona, it is because it produces a cold jet of gas, heats an electric arc and passes through a narrow constriction orifice, which melts the material with which we are working and thus cuts it quickly.

Without a doubt, one of the main benefits of using plasma cutting in a machining factory in Barcelona, is the speed of this system, although it is not the only advantage of using it. Another very beneficial aspect to take into account in a machining factory in Barcelona, when using plasma cutting, you can make cuts that are not linear, all always with high quality and with perfect finishes.


Types of plasma cutting

There are four different types of plasma cutting, which we are going to explain to you below on our blog. machining factory in Barcelona.

    1. Air plasma cutting: This type of cutting requires a highly oxidized cutting surface and increases the speed of cutting a 25% more than traditional cutting.
    2. Water injection cutting: Much better and faster cutting. It consists of injecting water into the nozzle.
    3. Cutting with oxygen injection: Cutting gas and water are used through the nozzle, and it is used to solve the deterioration of the electrodes or the oxidation of the metal.
    4. Double flow cutting: Conventional system that uses nitrogen gas-plasma.

These are the basic concepts of plasma cutting, but if you want to know more about this technique or about any of the work we do in our Factory of mechanized, located in BarcelonaDon't think twice and get in touch with us, we will help you and answer all the questions you have that are in our hands. Remember, Curiel Mechanics Barcelona, your machining factory trustworthy.

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