Sectors in which machined parts are used

Welcome one more day to the blog of Mecanica Curiel, your trusted company specialized in the creation of all types of machined parts. In today's new post we will talk about which are the main sectors in which the type of pieces that we create are used.

Although it may not seem like it, the truth is that there are many sectors that benefit from parts mechanized, not only for the final result but also for the speed involved in its manufacturing process. Since machining processes were invented, their parts have been used to manufacture more machinery or similar things, but the truth is that they are currently reaching countless sectors.

We must keep in mind that these types of elements can be made in any way and completely at the client's request. The company that contacts us is responsible for offering us a plan or at least an idea of the type of part they want and we only have to have our machines make them as quickly as possible and using the greatest amount of material we can, since Otherwise we would be wasting it and losing money.


Regarding the medical sector, the most common parts that are usually manufactured are those that are used for machinery, whether in a dentist or in any other type of specialized doctor. On the other hand, you can also create machined parts for orthopedics and other specialties.

Although it is not one of the main sectors, the truth is that little by little medicine is needing this type of products to carry out its health work.


In the automotive sector, parts made through machining are really useful as well as necessary. These types of elements are used both in the engine and in the rest of the parts that are necessary to assemble the body of any vehicle.

Thanks to the new technology that vehicles incorporate, the parts made must be more precise and specific, and the best way to achieve this is through this type of manufacturing. In this way, only those companies that have the most up-to-date machinery will be able to offer parts.

Home appliances

To make a single appliance, it is necessary to have an infinite number of small parts that are completely identical to each other; this type of manufacturing is ideal for this. In this way, many appliance companies need these parts to make their products and ensure that they do not deteriorate for years.

Different sectors

In addition to the sectors that we have mentioned previously, the machined parts They are used in many more. The truth is that any type of company that requires this type of service can get the parts it wants.

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