The tools used in Barcelona machining They have great quality and precision since, if this were not the case, we would not be able to ensure effectiveness and quality when manufacturing all the parts. In this way, in today's article we will see what these materials are and why they play such an important role when it comes to manufacturing precision parts.

There are many factors that must be taken into account when manufacturing a machine of this type with a specific material. Of course, this material must always be a thousand times harder and more resistant than that of the pieces you are going to cut or drill holes in, otherwise it would not work correctly. On the other hand, they must withstand high pressures, as well as extreme temperatures. In the event that these standards are not met, the Barcelona machining They would not be able to perform their functions correctly or with the usual effectiveness.

Characteristics of the materials of Barcelona machining

There are three properties that this type of tools must have, which will determine both the durability and the cost of manufacturing. To begin with, wear is a very important factor, if the tool material is not much harder and more resistant than that of the part to be machined, it will most likely deteriorate quickly and in a short time we will have to change this tool.

On the other hand, it is important to know the toughness of a material, since it will define its ability to resist breakage during the effort made in the work of machining in Barcelona. Finally, behavior against high temperatures is essential to measure the speed at which the tool will be able to do its job, as well as its durability over the years.

In this way, the materials used to make the tools of the Barcelona machining They are: HSS high speed steel, hard steel and ceramics. As we have seen previously, depending on the function of the tool and the needs of the parts to be made, one material or another may be used. These materials are differentiated by their composition, but within these, we can still find more combinations that make us find other types of materials with different characteristics.

We must take into account that each function may require very different temperatures and conditions, which is why in many cases one material or another is used, directly taking into account the machining that is going to be manufactured. To do this, professionals know these characteristics and know how much to use one material or another without this posing a problem when manufacturing the pieces.

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