At our turning factory Mecánica Curiel carries out the creation of all types of parts in various types of materials through different processes, such as bar turning. In our precision machining workshop you can obtain a specialized and personalized service such as bar turning and today we want to explain to you what it consists of and what it is for.

Turning is a process for manufacturing parts, such as axes, screws, bolts and many other options, which are used in a large number of mechanisms, objects, devices and very different sectors. It is a machining of parts that is carried out using cutting tools with chip removal, to shape final parts.

There are many objects that we use on a daily basis that are made in a turning factory, in which it is achieved that these elements can perform the functions for which they were designed, such as screws for airplanes, parts for vehicle engines, pipe joints, special taps, etc.

In a turning factory and precision bar turning like Mecánica Curiel, it is important to have a highly qualified team and top quality machinery, since the objective is to obtain precise parts in the bar turning process that are essential for many sectors in which safety prevails, such as aeronautical.

To manufacture parts through bar turning, machines such as milling machines and automatic lathes are used and their function is to form the exact part through the elimination of excess material with chip removal, through the use of various cutting tools. .

Turning can be applied in various sectors;

automobile sector; Turning is necessary to manufacture valves, braking systems, pistons, engine parts...

Machine manufacturing; Precision turning is used to create small parts in series.

Medicine; Turning offers many possibilities for manufacturing parts in the medical sector, always being a very high level of machining, given that they are parts that will be part of devices and mechanisms intended for health care. Some examples of machining in the medical sector are the micro machining of implants with absolutely millimeter precision, machining for prostheses, creation of machining prototypes, creation of serial parts.

Home appliances; In this case, machining is very important to create serial parts for standard fastening products for large and small household appliances.

Hydraulics; Machining and bar turning are essential for the technology used in different mechanisms, both in terms of joining and fixing.

Aeronautic sector; Aluminum machining is often used a lot, due to the low corrosion it presents and also other stainless and lightweight materials.

Watchmaking; In this sector, turning can play a fundamental role because tiny parts are manufactured that are completely necessary for the clock mechanism.

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