CNC numerical control machinery represents one of the best options for turning machining, in which we are specialists at Mecánica Curiel. In our machining workshop We work on drilling, milling, slotting and other metal cutting operations that are carried out automatically through orders received from a computer.

Thanks to the CNC machinery that we use in our workshop, we save time and energy, compared to traditional processes, in addition to offering a much more productive and efficient process. Thanks to the CNC machinery of our machining workshop We can carry out automatic management of many processes by exercising orders from a computer.

Main advantages of the CNC machinery in our machining workshop

  • They improve precision and leave no room for error, because it is a type of machinery that works using specific computer numerical control programs, allowing the result to be exact, if we compare it with machining operations that are carried out manually.
  • They also offer greater safety, because it is a type of machinery that is executed using computer programs and workers are not in direct contact or exposed to cutting tools and, therefore, to unnecessary risks.
  • You reduce waste, because CNC machinery allows you to reduce metal waste, since they are designed with systems to manage the remaining chips from machining or cutting processes that accumulate in the workshop. This means that

It automatically removes them, ensuring that the work area is always kept clean.

  • It also reduces worker involvement, so that they can perform other tasks in addition to being able to automate machinery processes. It can perform more complex processes in just a few minutes without the need for the intervention of a machine operator or engineer. This reduces the costs of incorporating and also training machine operators, human error and workplace accidents.
  • CNC machinery allows processes to be executed that would be more complex if they were carried out manually, because the operators only have to supervise the machine and the processes and the action can be carried out without interruptions or failures.

To learn more about CNC machinery and all the services we can offer you in our machining workshop, you can contact us. We will be happy to help you manufacture the perfect part with impeccable precision and the number of series you need. Thanks to our bar turning services, dispensers, laboratory equipment, control and testing tools, various machining, and special valves, we can help you get the part you need at all times.

To get in touch with our machining workshop you just need to call 935 751 824, send an email to or fill out the contact form with your information and the reason for your query.

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