The precision machining They are exact pieces that require maximum precision in their manufacturing and specialized machinery to create them, that is, machines that have complex systems to produce them prepared to obtain maximum accuracy in the results.

The precision machining They are necessary for many aspects of our lives and have become an essential element of the industry. To achieve machining, design data that is based on the functionality and requirements, measurement and location of the part within the machine tool must also be taken into account.

The quality regulations, procedures and audits to obtain certifications have driven all companies to constant improvement, thus favoring the productive flow.

A very important aspect of the machinery is the axes of the machine. 5-axis CNC machines allow machining operations to be carried out on five of the six faces of the part, without having to release the part.

With regard to the values of the precision machining, can be tenths, hundredths or microns and will depend on the rigidity of the structure, the feedback systems, such as encoders or guides, and also on the quality of the components that make it up.

The technology has been evolving, giving it the ability to carry out manufacturing operations by chip removal and additive manufacturing at the same time and today there are various specialized machines that operate by numerical control using a computer, to create all types of precision machining.

Why trust a company specialized in precision machining?

We are a reference company in Barcelona in the precision machining and we have developed activities related to this field, with a team of highly qualified and trained professionals to develop each of the specialized services that we offer, such as turning tools, dispensers, laboratory equipment, viscosimetry, various machining, control and test or special valves. We respond to the needs presented by the market to produce products and services of the highest quality by manufacturing various tools such as laboratory instruments, mechanics for viscosimetry, mechanics for electromedicine, small machinery, special valves, prototypes, tools and precision machining, through the use of specialized production processes, thanks to demanding and prepared personnel and the use of innovative infrastructure, with CNC machinery.

Furthermore, in our machining company we care about the planet and work to pollute as little as possible and that is why we carry out specific measures and protocols. We recycle oils and coolants in all the waste generated by our productive activity.

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