What is bar turning and how do we use it in our machining company?

Without the bar turning process, of which we are experts in our machining company, it would not be possible to carry out many precision machined parts. It is a procedure with which parts can be manufactured in series and molded to be cut, profiled, with slots... A series of techniques that we carry out in our machining company with bar turning, which allows us to transform a piece of metal into an essential piece in any product and for any type of operation.

Turning works by removing chips and starting from a metal bar to shape it, thanks to CNC turning. In this way, we can mass-produce the machining, creating completely identical parts, with the same thickness, shape, size... ready to be distributed in large quantities to industries.

To carry out the task of bar turning, machines such as milling machines or lathes are needed, both of which can be CNC machines. This achieves maximum precision in the finish and you will be able to carry out serial work in a more productive way. The material is placed in the moving head so that it moves and shapes the piece or in the fixed head, but in this case it is the tool that makes the movement. As they are machines that operate by numerical control, they can do the work automatically and in a short time.

What can we do through bar turning in our machining company?

The uses of industrial bar turning in our machining company There are many, since it is a technique that is used to shape all types of parts, to make all types of machinery and objects work, from watches to the gear shift of a car or to make a pipe more safe.

Most of the objects we use need an axle, bolts, screws and many other parts to carry out the function for which they were created and this is where turning parts come into play.

Through turning, the necessary machining is molded so that other machines, vehicles and objects can have shape and meaning. Turning is used in many areas and is key to the operation of; automobiles, appliances and furniture, aeronautical industry, industrial machinery, watchmaking, medicine...

If you are looking for a machining company expert in bar turning, Mecánica Curiel is your trusted company. We can make any part, be it aluminum, brass, technical plastic, steel... Our precision machining workshop is in Barcelona and we manufacture turning parts for companies located throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

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