The advancement of technology in production processes has greatly reduced the time required to manufacture products. Although it has also made possible a new design of components with better finishes, much more precise, such as those achieved with CNC machining.

They are tools that do not require constant supervision and optimize work time, avoiding risks, automating productive processes and limiting manual work, since the CNC machining They are programmed by numerical control.

The efficiency, speed of operation and precision presented by sectors such as the metallurgical industry, manufacturing or automotive, it is necessary to have companies that can obtain the perfect part or make large quantities of serial parts in a short time. At Curiel Mechanics, specialized in CNC machining, we can get everything you need, from serial parts to prototypes or perfect parts of any size.

Trends in CNC machining

There are many CNC machining trends, but here we focus on three:

  • Factory automation

Thanks to the fact that computers are completely integrated into industries and the speed and precision of equipment has multiplied, CNC machining has taken on a true role in many types of production processes.

Automated manufacturing is a growing demand, especially for the industrial and automotive sectors. Many companies are investing in R&D, with the aim of improving the design of tools or to carry out multiple operations independently, achieving a great improvement in plant production.

  • Renewable energy production

Concern about global warming is growing and many companies are turning to renewable energy in order to increase their environmental commitment. The CNC machining They allow the construction of systems that exploit alternative energy sources, such as hydraulic energy or solar energy.

  • New technologies

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, automation or robotics can satisfy the needs of users, which have skyrocketed demand around the world. Thanks to companies specialized in CNC machining, machining service providers can customize every detail of a product's design to maximize its use, effectiveness and safety.

Curiel Mechanics, specialists in CNC machining

We have been working in the food sector for more than 40 years. CNC machining and we can say that we have achieved excellence in each of our jobs, to obtain the perfect piece for each client. We make all types of instruments; Laboratory supplies, mechanics for viscometry and electromedicine, small machinery, special valves, tools, precision machining or prototypes.

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