Machining company: this is how technology adapts to your needs

A machining company It is a place where machining, a type of subtractive manufacturing, takes place. It is a space containing machinery where machinists and other technical personnel make things. The machining company It can be part of a large factory or a room in the premises of a small business.

The “machines” in question are equipment with cutting tools. These machines can be used for drilling, cutting, shaping, milling… anything that involves removing material from a block of metal, plastic or other raw material. A machining company It may also offer other technologies such as 3D printing, but subtractive manufacturing is the main concern.

A machining company It can be operated by manufacturers of specific brand products or by third-party manufacturers offering custom online CNC machining services to a variety of clients from different industries.

These types of spaces have existed since the 19th century. However, one machining company current is very different.

Machining company: more efficient every day

Computer numerical control technology became common in the second half of the 20th century, changing the machining companies forever.

Before the advent of the CNC machine shop, all machining equipment was operated manually or mechanically, which meant that the accuracy of machined parts was largely dependent on the skill of the machine operator.

The CNC machining process, on the other hand, makes all movements completely guided by computer instructions.

3D digital designs are converted into G-code, which tells the CNC machine what to do to create the 3D shape. Every movement of the cutting tool is controlled with millimeter precision by the program, allowing the machine to produce perfect duplicate parts with exact tolerance and without errors.

CNC machines are also capable of performing very complex cutting operations in a short space of time. Some machines, such as 5-axis CNC milling machines, have spindles or rotating tables, allowing the tool to cut the block of material from any angle without interruption.

5-axis CNC machining technology can machine parts very quickly, which is useful for machine shops that produce large quantities of parts for serious projects.

A CNC shop is capable of doing much more than an old machine shop. Additionally, machinists working in CNC machining shops typically have digital design experience and are therefore capable of adapting digital designs for CNC machining.

Almost all CNC machinists have experience in manual machining, as this skill helps them better understand the CNC machining process.

Additionally, a CNC machining shop will typically be able to work from digital CAD files, technical drawings, or a combination of both.

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