Bar turning Barcelona

Curiel Mechanics is a company Barcelona, which has been dedicated to the precision machining and assembly sector for many years, which is why it offers a large catalog of different related products, such as CNC machining or Turning.

He bar turning, is what is called the manufacturing process of a series of revolution parts through the machining of parts, which can be used in an infinite number of different sectors, but so that you understand it better, some examples of bar turning what we can find in Barcelona and during our daily lives, they are the screws or the axles.

To carry out the process of bar turning in Barcelona It is necessary to use automatic milling machines and lathes, so that they are responsible for removing the chips from the piece we are working with.

Thanks to bar turning in Barcelona, all types of pieces can be manufactured, of very different sizes and different materials, as long as they adapt perfectly to what the client needs. Some of the sectors in which technology techniques are most used bar turning, are the automotive sector, in watchmaking, to manufacture implants and prostheses, in the wind and aeronautical industry, when manufacturing household appliances, and much more.

For example, in the automobile sector Barcelona, bar turning It is essential when it comes to obtaining the different parts of a car, such as pistons, valves and the braking system, among others, quickly and with quality. The same thing happens with the different sectors that we have mentioned previously. with the appliances that the bar turning It is key to their proper functioning.

One of the sectors of bar turning in Barcelona What we want to highlight is the medical sector, since today there are many people who need implants and prostheses, which until now were very difficult to obtain and thanks to the bar turning, this process is much simpler.

Remember that at Curiel mechanics, we have extensive experience in this sector, since our company was founded in 1972, so we know perfectly well what each client needs and how to adapt to them, so if you want to know more information about parts bar turning What we do in our company Barcelona, do not hesitate to contact us, since we will give you all the information you need, both about the bar turning as well as the rest of the services we offer.