Barcelona mechanized factory: The milling machine

Welcome one more day to the Mecánica Curiel blog Barcelona, a machining factory who was born 45 years ago in Barcelona and that has been growing day after day, until reaching the situation in which we find ourselves today, as one of the leaders within our sector.

In today's new article, we want to talk to you about the milling machine, which for all those who do not know what it is; It is a machine, widely used by our Barcelona machining factory, and as its name indicates, is used for milling.

The milling machine of our machining factory, It is responsible for making a cut that has the characteristic that it has a tool that rotates with several pieces, called edges or teeth. These edges or teeth make movements in any direction of the three axes it contains, which can move from the table to which the machine is fixed.

That is to say, the milling machine is a mechanical operation that we use in our machining factory in Barcelona, in order to carve surfaces that were flat or have different profiles, to drill and channel all the mechanical parts of our Barcelona factory.

Mainly, we can differentiate three types of milling, which are the most used in our machining factory in Barcelona. The first type is normal milling, which is when the milling machine rotates to the opposite side of the feed, then we have cylindrical milling, which is when the surface we want to machine is parallel to the axis of the milling cutter. Finally, we have concordance milling, which is when both the milling machine and the feed rotate in the same direction.


Milling machine movements

The milling machine is a very complete machine, for this reason in our machining factory in Barcelona, we use it whenever it may be necessary. But we must keep in mind that milling machines make three different movements.

  1. First of all, the advance will occur, which is the rectilinear movement of the piece.
  2. Another movement of the milling machine is cutting, which is produced thanks to the rotation of the milling cutter.
  3. Finally, we will talk about the depth of pass, produced by the vertical displacement of the table.

The milling machine is undergoing very rapid and innovative technological development, so its functions are getting better every day, and it makes our machining factory in Barcelona Let's use it more and more.

If what you are looking for is some machining or milling operation, do not hesitate to contact the best professionals of our machining factory located in Barcelona, Curiel Mechanics.

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