Why machining is the best ally of industries

Welcome one more day to the blog of Mecanica Curiel, your company specialized in the creation of all types of parts using mechanized in Barcelona. In today's new entry we will talk about the reasons why machining is characterized by being the best ally of different types of industries.

Most people who work in industries or factories are perfectly aware of these types of processes and their importance when creating precision parts in series.

What are machining

For those people who still don't know them, the Barcelona machining They are a process in which parts are manufactured by eliminating a material or raw material. As pieces resulting from this process we can find some that are finished and others that require other processes in order to be able to use them.

It should be noted that those companies that have machines mechanized in Barcelona, they also usually have others such as precision turning, with the purpose of creating mechanical parts and current tools. For its part, CNC machining is ideal for creating those parts that have greater complexity in their design.

Types of machining

Below we will see the three main types of Barcelona machining What we can currently find:

    • Without chip removal: in order for the metals with which the pieces are manufactured to achieve their necessary finish, they must go through this process. Barcelona machining without chip removal requires several different operations when forming the metal from which said part is made. For example, if we want to manufacture tubes for steel chairs, this material must go through this process in order to achieve its final appearance.
    • With chip removal: this process aims to shape the material by making all types of cuts and incisions in the appropriate places and with the appropriate tools. At the end of this type of Barcelona machining, the final piece is obtained and the remaining material called chips, which is discarded. This process serves to eliminate a large part of the excess material from the piece, but not all, therefore, it is advisable that it then go through other types of processes such as polishing to achieve an unbeatable finish. The majority of parts currently manufactured are made through this type of machining and CNC (Computer Numerical Control).
    • By abrasion: the tool most used to carry out this type of process is the grinding wheel, and its purpose is to wear the piece into smaller parts by releasing incandescent particles of the same material. This process does not require great force and its precision and finish are of very high quality.

Once we know what mechanized processes are and what their types are, we can take into account the importance of this type of processes for current industries and factories.

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