In our machining workshop in Barcelona We carry out many types of processes to achieve the best precision machining. In today's article we are going to talk to you about the most used machining processes, so that you can learn what they consist of and know a little more about their development.

Turning; It is a process that consists of machining a part using non-rotating cutting tools that move along the part, linearly removing a certain amount of material.

Milling; It is a process in which rotating cutting tools are used and, unlike turning, cuts can be made in a certain direction, so the cut does not need to be linear.

Before it was necessary to have lathes and milling machines to do this type of machining, but today it is possible to use CNC numerical control centers, just as we do in our Machining workshop in Barcelona, to automate these processes through the assistance of computers.

Unconventional machining; In this category we find various options

  • water jet cutting; The material is cut using high pressure water
  • Electrochemical machining (ECM), which allows material to be removed using electrochemical processes and is used in mass production of parts that are difficult to treat through traditional methods. They tend to be very hard pieces.
  • Abrasive flow machining (AFM); Perfect for finishing processes on internal surfaces, since it consists of the passage of a viscous fluid through the conduit whose finish seeks to be perfected. It is often used to eliminate imperfections generated during boring.

In our Machining workshop in Barcelona Mecánica Curiel you will be able to find everything you need, since we are specialists in all types of CNC machining processes, with which we manage to find the exact shape and size that the client needs. This obtains great added value to the piece, because it does not allow errors, but through automation processes that we carry out thanks to our excellent and innovative machinery, we always manage to obtain the best possible results.

Enter our website and discover everything we can offer you, both products and specialized services, with which you will be able to obtain the best machining parts. On the website of our Machining workshop in Barcelona You will also find a blog in which we publish articles related to this sector, with which you can learn many interesting things, which can be very useful in your company or for personal use. The machinists will be able to offer you the exact piece you need and with which you will achieve excellent results, obtaining the size and shape you need on each occasion.

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