We are a machining workshop in which we offer different types of services, including bar turning, a process through which we build any necessary part using different types of materials, such as steel, aluminum or technical plastic.

Turning is not a simple task, since it consists of the manufacture of revolution parts through mechanization using automatic lathes, which are generally CNC. When we talk about automatic lathes we are referring to the machines that are used in bar turning tasks and that are of great importance in this process, thanks to their precision capacity.

In the industrial sector, bar turning is essential, especially in the field of manufacturing metal elements, so it is more than advisable to have a machining workshop trusted professional to entrust turning processes, which must have the appropriate machinery and specific CNC automatic lathes for precision turning machining.

What is it for?

The parts created by bar turning processes can be used in an endless number of different sectors such as axes, screws, etc. By machining parts that are carried out with cutting tools with chip removal, to obtain precision parts. Every day we use objects that need these small parts so that they can carry out their function, such as screws to assemble our furniture, parts in vehicle engines and even for the aeronautical sector.

In the bar turning process, it is also possible to manufacture metal or plastic bars or make pieces in series, using milling machines and automatic lathes of different types, which are responsible for removing chips from the material using cutting tools.

Uses of bar turning in specific sectors

As machining workshop We can guarantee the versatility of uses that bar turning can offer in various sectors, such as:

  • automobile sector; Through the machining of serial parts, it is possible to manufacture valves, pistons, the braking system, axles, electronic components...
  • medical sector; It is necessary that a professional machining workshop be used for this sector and that it has top quality machinery, given that it is about people's health.
  • Watchmaking is another sector that requires turning processes, because they need to manufacture very small parts with a high level of precision, so that everything fits.
  • wind industry; In this case we are talking about large pieces, such as the manufacture of wind turbines.
  • Manufacture of household appliances

In Curiel Mechanics, as machining workshop professional, we invite you to visit our website and learn about all the services we can offer you.

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