The chrome or silver finish consists of providing a layer of chrome on any piece of precision machining. It is a technique called electroplating that consists of applying chromium using electricity. Chrome, in fact, is not only an embellishment of the precision machining, but it has very useful functions such as providing greater resistance to corrosion, allowing the object to be cleaned, etc.

To achieve the chrome finish you must polish the piece well, remove dirt from the surface and manually clean the remaining dirt. Afterwards, the chrome plating glass is introduced into the place that is heated to dissolve and the galvanic current is applied.

The chrome finish gives hardness to the precision machining, increases performance and corrosion resistance. The chrome finish is normally used for parts such as valves, seats, cylindrical cushions... And also for aesthetic reasons, since it provides a shiny and resistant layer.

What types of chrome are there?

Chrome plating as an electrolytic coating is carried out in two ways; hard or industrial and decorative, depending on the use that is going to be given to the piece.

  • The hard chrome treatment is used when we want to give hardness and resistance to the surface of the parts, increase their performance and resistance to wear or corrosion. It has a minimum coefficient of friction, but high resistance to abrasion, which makes it a very useful process for pieces subject to sliding. Examples; Pistons, bearings, hydraulic cylinders, valve seats, axles...
  • Decorative chrome plating, on the other hand, is used when purely aesthetic purposes are to be achieved, since a highly reflective and very robust shiny layer is obtained, which is resistant to tarnishing and can be applied to an infinite number of products and surfaces, both at an industrial level. as at the domestic level.

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