They are technological machines that use computerized numerical control or CNC, from companies or machining centers to plasma cutting tables. Although there are various modalities, since there are other examples that would also be valid. In our CNC workshop We carry out all types of procedures with this type of numerical control machines, with which we can make precise and perfect parts called precision machining. We can see this type of machines in many places, such as industrial establishments, workshops, manufacturing processes, etc. Although always within the industrial field. The machines in our workshop use a computer to control and monitor the movements of a machine or tool, whether static or portable, such as a lathe, a milling machine, a grinding machine, laser cutting, electroerosion, stamping machine, robotic arm, press, etc. They are large machines that have a computer designed to be part of the equipment and the vast majority have a sophisticated feedback system, capable of constantly monitoring and adjusting the speed and also the position of the cutting tool.

How does it work?

Our workshop controller works in conjunction with motors, with drive components to move the machine axes in a safe and controlled manner and also to carry out programmed movements. As CNC workshop We want to explain to you that a CNC machine is made up of six main elements:

  • Monitor
  • Feedback devices in systems with servomotors
  • input device
  • Machine tool
  • Controller or control unit
  • Drive system

The controller receives instructions from the computer in the form of G and M codes and converts those instructions, using its own software, into electrical signals that activate the motors and start the drive system. There are specific functions that can be programmed into CNC machines, such as motion control, programmable accessories, CNC program, CNC controller, CAM program, DNC System, etc.

A sector with a lot of job opportunities

Although we are constantly talking about machines, in our workshop of CNC Our human team is really essential, since there are not many people who know how to work with this type of machines, which is why it is a very interesting job opportunity, to be in contact with the latest technologies and obtain a good salary. Within the machining and CNC machines sector you can find many job offers, such as tool setters, machining officers, CNC instructors, specialized salespeople, technical service personnel, CNC machine operators, CAD-CAM programmers, CNC application engineers, etc.

If you want to know more details about our CNC workshop and the manufacturing of machining, we invite you to visit our website, where you can see what our services consist of.

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