When we talk about a CNC workshop We are referring to a company that uses machinery guided by computer numerical control, to create pieces with exact and perfect precision that will be used in different sectors such as industrial or space or in laboratories, for example.

He CNC workshop It has specific tools to function such as precision machining and also people specifically prepared for the entire process to work, since it is necessary that they have very specific technical knowledge and that they be highly qualified to use them correctly and get the greatest possible performance. optimizing resources and achieving the best results. Using a cutting tool, the machining processes shape a piece that must have specific and unique measurements, size and finishes, depending on the particular needs of each client.

Spacious and specialized places

These types of workshops are large spaces, since they are where CNC machinery is located, which has enormous dimensions, in addition to having enough space for lathes, manual milling machines, product storage, crushers, saws... In the workshops, specific parts for applications are created. very specific such as aerospace, which sometimes require parts with a precision of 0.00001 inches. They are very small pieces that require great precision, so they can only be made with machinery specifically created for this purpose such as precision machining.

The CNC workshops They allow the manufacture of parts of all sizes and can be both for internal use, as well as for specific jobs, to create parts of a product, unique pieces, exact spare parts... At Mecánica Curiel we manufacture all types of machining parts, designing parts of different materials such as steel, plastic, aluminum or graphite. When the part is finished, the CNC machine can repeat the program with truly incredible precision as many times as necessary, so that a specific part can be obtained indefinitely once it has been created the first time.

In the CNC workshops Highly qualified and experienced machine operators are used in this sector, who supervise the entire manufacturing process of the part, from the beginning of the procedure until the product is finished. Our team is the perfect specialized advisor for our clients, since they know better than anyone what can be done and what is the best method to achieve it, which is a great added value in our customer service.

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