In the manufacturing process of a part, the machining symbols in technical drawing are very important, because they allow the creation of a common language between all intermediaries, especially for the manufacturer of the part, who is the one who will know how to interpret them to carry out the CNC machining.

The process of making the piece will determine the quality of its surface, which can vary depending on the aesthetics to be obtained and the purpose of the piece, where surface signs become relevant.

Surface signs are those graphic samples that allow identifying the characteristics of the finishes or the surface state that can be given to a piece during its manufacturing. It is a finish that is stipulated taking into account the final appearance that you want to give it and also depending on its intended application. Different processes will be used mechanized CNC, depending on the surface finish that you want to obtain, taking into account that each tool or machine exerts different irregularities on the piece in question; brighter and more polished pieces, pieces with deep marks, pieces with marks from the tools that have been used, etc.

Types of surface in CNC machining

Taking into account the purpose that the piece will have or its manufacturing process, different types of surfaces can be determined:

Depending on their function, the surfaces can be:

Free; The finishing of the pieces is carried out for aesthetic purposes and has no specific purpose. Its treatment is less elaborate and is not usually mechanized.

Support; Pieces that aim to provide support or support, being devastated and regular surfaces.

Functional; They require demand and detail in their quality, because their operation depends on it.

Depending on their manufacturing process, the surfaces can be;

Raw; These are the parts that do not need treatment after being manufactured.

Mechanized; Those pieces that once have been manufactured must go through specific treatments, to achieve a more precise finish through some type of machining, such as mechanized CNC.

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