Various factors influence the machining process of a part, such as the material to be machined, the machine to be used, the clamping required by the part, the tools used in the process. CNC workshop, etc.

But to carry out many of these processes it is necessary to use lubrication oils, whether it is cutting oil or oil emulsified with water, which is also known as coolant.

The use of oil in our CNC workshop It is very important, as much as the coating or the type of tool we use, because it allows the chip to stay correctly in its place or for the temperature to be appropriate at the working point.

It is important to know that these used lubricants must be disposed of in a sustainable manner, because otherwise they could represent a large amount of polluting agents in the environment, in addition to being expensive, depending on the type of waste they leave in each of the machining processes that are carried out. are carried out in our CNC workshop.

In our CNC workshop We are responsible with our actions and we want to protect the environment and our surroundings, for this reason we carry out the corresponding measures and protocols, in order to minimize as much as possible the impact that the waste we generate has on the planet.

At Mecánica Curiel we are a company completely specialized in machining and also in sustainability, since we carry out the recycling of our oils, drills and also all the waste that is generated in our productive activity.

The metal mechanical industrial sector is one, if not the main, consumer of lubricating oils that are used as fluids to facilitate lubrication, as well as cooling in the different types of cutting, treatment and mechanical molding of metals and after being used they become in a highly polluting waste that requires correct and costly management.

The correct management of used industrial oils is essential to preserve our environment and that is why our CNC workshop We carry out these processes. We believe that all companies that use these products and that are dedicated to this sector have the responsibility of carrying out correct management of the recycling of their waste through companies specialized in this type of treatment.

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