Machining by chip removal

Welcome one more day to our blog machining factory in Barcelona, Mecánica Curiel, in today's new article we come to talk to you about machining due to chip removal, since within the mechanized Several operations are included in order to obtain pieces with very different formats and sizes, and one of the forms that we use in our machining factory in Barcelona, for machining metals, is the machining by chip removal.

From our machining factory in Barcelona, we define the machining by chip removal as a technique that tears or cuts the material with a specific tool, resulting in chips. Most of the time it has one or more blades that are responsible for separating the piece from the chips.


Types of machining by chip removal

There are many types of mechanized by chip removal, but the ones we like the most and the ones most used by our machining factory, are the following:

    • Saw Machining: It is a manual or technological technique that slides a saw forward and downward to cut the material being worked on. machining factory in Barcelona.


    • Turning Machining: It is very useful in machining factories of Barcelona, when creating surfaces of revolution. In this type of machining, the piece makes a circular or rotary movement and the tool linear.


    • Drilling Machining: It consists of making round holes in the piece being worked and in the different machining factories in Barcelona, we can find different drills such as the hand drill, the bench drill, the column drill and the radial drill.


    • Threaded Machining: In this type of machining A cutting tool is rotated by rotating it around a rod or by inserting it into a previous hole and can be done both mechanically and electronically.


    • Filing Machining: It is one of the oldest manual processes used in Barcelona in the machining factories which consists of sliding a file many times.


    • Milling Machining: It involves cutting the material with a tool that is rotary and has one or more edges and depends on the needs of each Barcelona machining factory, it is possible that what moves is the tool, the table, or a combination of the two.


If you want to know more about the mechanized for chip removal or any of our services, do not hesitate to contact Mecánica Curiel Barcelona, your company specialized in Barcelona machining.

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