Origin and information about CNC technology

Welcome one more day to the blog of Mecanica Curiel, your trusted company specialized in the manufacture of parts through a CNC workshop. In today's new entry we will talk about what the origin is and we will discover everything we need to know about CNC technology.

Although at first it was not very easy to have a CNC machine, the truth is that currently there are countless CNC workshops thanks to its great advantages and everything it offers for the manufacture of countless products that we consume continuously.

It should be noted that in a CNC workshop An infinite number of machines and processes are necessary in order to obtain the desired parts. Each of the machines makes a specific cut or hole, so all of them are necessary when obtaining the final piece. Thanks to the speed of the CNC workshops today, in a short time you can have countless totally identical pieces.

Currently these pieces can be made quickly thanks to the fact that it is done through an automated process. When there were no CNC workshops, a single person had to pass the part through different machines until obtaining the desired part, while now, an automated process carries out the part from start to finish without the need to use labor other than to control that the CNC workshop works as intended.

How the CNC machine is composed

As a basic concept, the CNC workshops They consist of the use of a computer to control all the movements made by a machine tool. In the CNC workshops There are different machine tools that allow parts to be created, these can be static or portable and among the most common are the milling machine, the lathe, the grinding machine, the laser cutting machine, the press and the robotic arm.

The machines have a monitoring system in order to constantly adjust the speed and position of the tools when treating each of the pieces to be made. Those machines CNC workshops which are less demanding, allow the use of an external computer to keep track of the piece at all times.

The controller in the CNC workshops It works in conjunction with a series of motors, in addition to having drive components to move the axes of the machine and in this way control and program the movements.

The six main elements that all CNC machines have are: input device, control unit, machine tool, drive system, feedback devices and monitor.

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