In a machining workshop A large number of different processes and techniques can be used to achieve the best result, so the choice will depend on what we are looking for, the material we are working with, the dimensions, among other factors.

In our company Mecánica Curiel, we have a large number of alternatives, in order to always find the best option for each and every one of our clients, among them is the folding process, which is what we focus on. to focus, below, on today's new article on our blog machining workshop.

Machine thanks to the folding or bending process of our machining workshop

The process of folding or bending metals that we carry out in our workshop mechanized, is a forming process in which it is not necessary to separate the material with which we are working, but what we do is perform a plastic deformation to shape a sheet around a certain angle, in order to change its shape and get the result we were waiting for.

There are three main different types of bending, depending on the force that is applied. First of all, we have one of the most common machines, which is the one responsible for carrying out the thorough folding, and although it is the one with the greatest precision, it is important to take into account the elastic return of the material.

Secondly, the partial bending is what is responsible for compensating the elastic return thanks to the fact that the sheet comes into contact with three tooling points, so the only thing we will have to correct is the depth.

Finally, we have the coining or stamping, which to carry out requires a bending machine that can be almost eight times larger than the previous bending machine, since in this way all the elastic return is eliminated and also the precision is unmatched. the previous methods.

If you want to know more curiosities about this process or any other service of our company, you cannot miss all the entries to our blog, also do not hesitate to contact our machining workshop whenever you think necessary, since we will be happy to help and advise you in everything we can.

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