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The best machining workshop in Barcelona

As many of you already know, Curiel mechanics, we are a company located in Barcelona in which we are dedicated to carrying out different types of machining. On our blog you can find many very diverse articles in which we give you advice and explain some of the services we offer, but today we bring you a slightly different article, since

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The most common functions in our machining workshop

Mecánica Curiel, we are a machining workshop with many years of experience within this sector, in which we have positioned ourselves as a leading and reference company in the area, thanks to the quality of all the products we offer to our customers. There are many different types of machining, but there are two main ones, first, machining by

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The folding process in our machining workshop

In a machining workshop, a large number of different processes and techniques can be used to achieve the best result, so the choice will depend on what we are looking for, the material we are working with, the dimensions, among other factors. In our company Mecánica Curiel, we have a large number of alternatives, as long as

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Machining processes within a workshop

Machining workshops allow us to obtain a series of parts, manufactured with some type of raw metal, by eliminating different parts of the material. This continuous elimination means that, in several steps, the piece is completely cut out. It is important that we keep in mind that, in this type of processes, no type of bending is usually carried out.

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What elements define a machining workshop?

A machining workshop in Barcelona is a workshop space that has the necessary machinery to carry out all types of work and machined parts. These tools must do all kinds of tasks in order to be able to make countless different pieces. For this reason, in today's new entry we will talk about what are the essential elements in

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