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Milling in precision machining

We can define the milling process for precision machining as the cut that is made in the metal in order to create precision mechanical parts. To carry out this process, in addition to having a specialized workshop, a machine called a milling machine is necessary, which is capable of making all types of cuts with an exceptional finish that

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What is and types of CNC lathes

In the world of machining, many different tools are used, among which we find the CNC lathe, which gets its name because it is operated using the numerical control of a computer. This tool is very versatile, as it performs drilling and turning functions in all directions and in almost any type of material. The

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How machining is carried out in the workshop

Welcome one more day to the Mecánica Curiel blog, in today's new entry we will talk about machining and how it is carried out in the workshops. There are different techniques that take place only in machining workshops that are capable of making parts with millimeter precision. In machining workshops you can make parts of any type

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